Psychological support

Psychological orientation in:

  • Crisis in maternity or parenting

  • Depression & anxiety in pregnancy & postpartum

  • Difficulties in the parent-baby relationship

  • Perinatal loss & infertility

  • Neonatal diagnosis

  • Premature births


Infant massage

Massage techniques that will help your baby to:

  • Relax and regulate

  • Facilitates longer, better quality sleep

  • Strengthens the emotional bond

  • Improves muscle tone

  • Relieves colic / constipation


Parenting and early intervention counseling

Receive guidance in managing tantrums and respectful parenting. Learn about strategies to promote your baby's development in the areas:

  • Emotional partner and language

  • Motor and sensory

  • Cognitive and learning


Courses and workshops

We offer classes with valuable information for your pregnancy, postpartum and parenting can see your pace:

  • Prepare your breastfeeding from pregnancy

  • Goodbye to the diaper! How to accompany your little one in this process.


Talks & Lectures

Conferences for parents, educators, caregivers and healthcare professionals on:

  • Child development and mental health from pregnancy

  • Evaluation and intervention

  • Maternal mental health

  • Perinatal and Child Psychology

  • Lactation and Weaning

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Lactation consulting

Learn the keys to having a successful breastfeeding.


  • Breastfeeding preparation classes from pregnancy

  • Support for breastfeeding difficulties

  • Guidance for a respectful weaning.